Carmelite Monastery

Kirk Edge  Sheffield

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Our Life in the Monastery

Some detail of our Monastic life can be seen by following the links below


5:30 am Rise

6:00 am Angelus followed by silent prayer ,

7:00 am Lauds

7:20 am Work

7:45 am Tierce

8:00 am MASS

9:00 am Breakfast followed by work

11:00 am Sext

11:30 am Dinner and Angelus

12:15 am Recreation in common

1:00 pm Silence, retire to cells

2:00 pm None, rosary, litany, spiritual reading

3:00 pm Work

4:50 pm Vespers, silent prayer and Angelus

6:20 pm Supper

7:15 pm Recreation in common

8:00 pm Compline followed by the great silence

9:00 pm Office of Readings

11:00 pm Retire

The Eucharist is the source of our Carmelite life.

We receive Our Blessed Lord each day during Holy Mass. This gives us the strength to serve
Him in union with whole Church and each other.


Let an oratory be erected
as conveniently as possible
in the midst of the cells,
where you are to assemble
every morning to hear Mass,
when this can be
conveniently done.
Rule 8